Robots and drones play an important role in agriculture, horticulture and nature conservation. They replace the farmer’s senses and are used with Swiss precision. The use of robots and other forms of smart agriculture will require less energy and raw materials, avoid unattractive working conditions, yield higher yields and improve quality.

The world is getting smarter and more connected. In other words, more computing power is packed into smaller devices. Features previously available only on large desktop computers are now available in your pocket thanks to the System-on-Module platform. If you want to use any of these modules in your embedded system design, you will need to design or purchase a custom carrier board to support the modules. Going this route with a System-on-Module offers many advantages, allowing you to use proven hardware with a small footprint.

Considering how fast technology evolves, the progress in robotics over the past decade has been astonishing. Today’s robots and drones are smarter and more capable than ever. When you have a great idea for a new robot or drone, you need a quality circuit board to power your new product.

When you’re ready to start developing electronics for your new drone or robot, leverage our proven hardware platform to prototype and quickly move your design into production. The best design tools give you access to the best hardware modules you need for robotics and drones to create the circuit boards that support your new system.

Robots and drones represent the interface between embedded software and high-quality electronics. Each robot has multiple sensors and hardware modules, including electromechanical components, high processing power, cameras, environmental sensors, and more. Included. While it can be a complex system to build and program, there are plenty of resources designers can use to develop, prototype, and deploy new robots and drones.

Robots can provide many useful functions in a variety of applications, from industrial automation to safety, data acquisition and more.

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